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After working for a firm representing Guilford Glazer and his graduating UCLA law school, Jim received a phone call from Guilford asking to meet with him, at which point Guilford offered Jim a job as his righthand man and telling him they will have a great time working together while also doing some good in the world. Some 50 plus years later, Jim is honored and proud to say that he has been blessed to work with Guilford and his family for so long and to have been able to call Guilford and Diane two of his closest friends and to be left in a position to ensure that Diane and Guilford’s charitable wishes are achieved and to keep their legacy alive.

In addition to his role as a board member helping to oversee the charitable giving of the Foundation, Jim also continues to oversee, along with Bill Neiman, all business aspects of the Foundation.

When he is not working, Jim enjoys working out, spending time with his wife, his two children, and their three grandchildren.

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